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13 apr 2022 om 15:23 authentiek Maleisisch eten
5 apr 2022 om 16:46 Super lekker eten en snel bezorgd
19 feb 2022 om 16:24 Ik had van te voren besteld en de bestelling was er keurig op tijd.
23 nov 2021 om 18:27 The portions are very small and the taste is not authentic at all, that is not karipap pusing (more like empanada), also no rendang in chuchoq rendang, tasted like frozen pack kroketjes. The sambal tasted like sambal jar from asian supermarket.
5 nov 2021 om 20:36 I had Char Kway Teow all the time growing up and have never had it here in Europe. It’s so wonderful to find it here and have it just as yummy as when I used to have it. Really great food even with some spice, which is great for the Netherlands.
29 sep 2021 om 11:11 bland food. only the karipap was nice.
5 aug 2021 om 4:52 Authentic, delicious Malaysian food.
6 jun 2021 om 21:50 Food here is exceptional! Had the Nasi Goreng and the Roti and as always, it was delicious!
13 feb 2021 om 17:01 The taste of the food is really bad and not fresh
29 jan 2021 om 21:20 Delicious!
19 jan 2021 om 13:05 I am a Malaysian and I have to be honest. This is not authentic at all and it’s borderline unpalatable. I feel sorry to say that but that’s what it takes to be honest.
15 nov 2020 om 21:59 De nasi lemak was lekker. De gado gado was echter smakeloos; pindasaus zat al over de gado gade en was een vette drap geworden. Bij het gerecht zat dezelfde vette sambal saus als bij de nasi lemak. Deze saus is niet pittig zoals een sambal hoort te zijn.